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If you're in a hurry please just read this : subscriptions allow us to create more music and to play in front of more people, and it could be in front of you! :-)

Since 2013, your support allowed us to evolve from a solo bedroom project to a full band performing before hundreds of people. For this, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

As a totally independant band, we have no label and we don't run crowdfunding campaign. Why ? We don't want anyone to tell us what our music should be, and we don't want to ask people to pay for something they haven't listened to yet. We fund Aephanemer activity with our day jobs salaries, and we depend on fans contributions to make our work and our releases profitable.

With Memento Mori, we reached a level where our production costs represent a significant risk for us if we don't receive support from people who enjoy our music.
Whatever happens, we will always keep on hardworking to create the best music we can, because it is what makes us happy. However, we won't be able to consider further band development without your help : touring, quality audio production and promotion are examples of vital and yet very costly things for any band. You have the power to make things way easier for us if you decide to.

You can become one of our greatest supporters by subscribing to us. If you do, be assured that we'll put both your contribution and your trust to good use!

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-Martin, Marion, Anthony, Mickaël

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Toulouse, France
Melodic Death Metal band based in Toulouse, France. Enjoy :-)

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